Fur & Feathers™

Fur & Feathers™ is not your typical board game! It is a fun, fact-filled, educational game about animals. The object of the game is to be the first player to save one of each of the five animals. Players can do so by correctly answering animal fact questions, visiting the Cafe,’ going to the Animal Shelter and adopting a pet or by the luck of the spinner at the Farm. There are plenty of fun ways to win the game but strategy and a little luck can help too.

Fur & Feathers™ game is patent pending, was invented, illustrated, printed and assemled in the USA with the plastic components imported from the United Kingdom.

Children as young as 4 and adults of all ages LOVE this game! Fur & Feathers™ comes with a FREE PERSONALIZED CARD. Simply add a note upon check out (under comments to seller) with the person’s name (and age for birthdays) and a message. We will do the rest!

We believe that the sooner we can teach a child the importance of being kind to animals, the better. Based on our personal experience, we feel that children are capable of making their own decisions and they are likely to make better choices when they are gently educated in a fun and creative way. We are excited to have the opportunity to offer fun, educational materials to children of all ages!

Interested in offering Fur & Feathers™ game for sale? Contact us for more information on wholesale pricing or fundraising for non-profit animal rescue groups – we have great ways to help you raise funds for animals in need!